Pack of 24 Pieces Silicon Chair Covers

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looking for something that protect you flooring with scratches while moving chairs? if yes then do not worry anymore we have something amazing for you  made of durable soft silicone. No need to paste, the packaging is simple and not easy to fall off. When moving furniture, there will be no scratches and noise. Good choice for protecting furniture and floors.

  • FLOOR & FURNITURE PROTECTION: It protects your tile, wood or vinyl flooring from scratches and at the same time keep your furniture from moving or sliding around
  • SCRATCH BUSTER: The bottom friction design allows a secure fit on furniture legs
  • NOISE REDUCTION: Reduces noise when moving the furniture around the house by allowing you to glide it smoothly
  • WIDELY USED: Fits many kinds of furniture feet no matter it is round or squared, such as a dining room chair, bar stool, patio chair, kitchen chair, metal bistro chairs, etc.
  • VERSATILE: Suitable for indoor, outdoor, personal or commercial use
  • SIMPLE INSTALLATION: This is easy to install because it stretches to fit most leg shapes
  • SUPERIOR QUALITY: Made of high-quality, durable, and non-toxic material that complements any space with refined elegance


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